What New Stocks Should I Invest In?

March 3, 2024

Purchasing a stock is simple, but selecting the best one without a tried-and-true plan is rather challenging. So which stocks are the best to buy right now or add to your watchlist? The top contenders include Dollar Tree (DLTR), AutoNation (AN), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Heico (HEI), and BJ's Wholesale (BJ).

The Federal Reserve has been actively increasing rates, which has made market activity difficult thus far in 2022. Market pressure from Russia's invasion of Ukraine is still present.

The Essential Elements Of The Best Stocks To Buy

Recall that the NYSE and Nasdaq both have hundreds of equities available for trade. But if you want to make huge gains, you need to identify the greatest stocks right now.

The CANSLIM system provides precise instructions on what to look for. Invest in stocks that have recently had annual and quarterly earnings growth of at least 25%. Seek out businesses with the novel, ground-breaking products and services. Also, take into account unprofitable businesses that are experiencing rapid revenue growth and frequently recent IPOs.

The CANSLIM Investing System from IBD has a track record of outperforming the S&P 500 by a wide margin. The secret to achieving outstanding profits over the long run is to surpass this industry benchmark. Aim for stocks with significant institutional backing, concentrate on market leaders in elite industry groupings, and monitor supply and demand for the stock itself.

Once a stock meets the requirements, it is time to consult stock charts to determine a solid entry point. When a stock reaches a purchase point, you should wait for it to develop a base before purchasing, ideally in high volume. Often, when a stock breaks above the initial high on the left side of the base, that is when it has reached the right buy point. Here is further information on what a base is and how charts may be utilized to make significant money trading stocks.

Remember The M When Purchasing Stocks

The M, which stands for the market, is an important component of the CANSLIM formula. Even the finest equities generally follow the direction of the market. When there is a clear upswing in the stock market, invest, and when there is a correction, move to cash.

A stock market rise that began in 2022 quickly failed. After stocks were bolstered by the most recent Fed meeting and the start of the earnings season, the market has entered a clear upswing once again. The S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones Industrial Average are rising above their 50-day moving averages and have recovered from their 52-week lows.

The time is right to invest in fundamentally sound stocks that are emerging from reliable chart patterns. Investors ought to focus their attention on high-quality stocks, including those in the IBD 50. Rising relative strength lines will typically be present for these names. The stocks listed below are strong contenders.

Always be adaptable and disciplined. Maintain sound buying and selling principles because not all trades will succeed, even during an uptrend. This is especially true in light of how volatile the market is right now. Keep in mind that there is still a sizable headline danger. While the Russia-Ukraine crisis is a wild card with the potential to disrupt the market, inflation continues to be a major concern.

Best Stocks To Buy Or Watch

Let's now take a closer look at the stocks of Dollar Tree, AutoNation, Exxon, Heico, and BJ's Wholesale. The fact that all of these stocks have excellent relative strength is a crucial factor.

Stock Dollar Tree

The stock is currently trading at a cup-and-handle purchase mark of 166.45. An optimistic sign is the relative strength line being close to highs. Following Walmart's (WMT) earnings warning, shares dropped below the buy zone early last week, although they later recovered from their 50-day line.

The stock has a strong 95 out of 99 Composite Rating. Current stock market performance is its strongest point. In terms of stock price performance over the previous 12 months, it ranks among the top 3% of stocks.

Big Money has been watching how the company is doing. 60 percent of the stock is currently owned by funds. Institutions have recently increased their holdings, and the Accumulation-Distribution Rating is now B-.

The company increased the price of dollar store items to $1.25 in Q1, breaking thrilling new ground. The "breaking the buck" shift was positioned by the IBD 50 top growth stock as a chance to improve offerings while coping with rising prices.

The 2021 Dollar Tree annual report stated, "We are focusing on exceeding customer expectations for value at $1.25, just like we have for more than 30 years at the $1.00 price point." Early indicators indicate increased foot traffic and profitability, despite opposition from certain devoted customers. Earnings for Dollar Tree stock increased by 48 percent in the first quarter as same-store sales at Dollar Tree locations increased by a record-breaking 11 percent.

Additionally, Dollar Tree is introducing $3 and $5 products in a few stores. It plans to open 590 new Dollar Tree locations this year in addition to 400 combined locations that will house both the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar brands under one roof. The business, which caters to consumers willing to push their finances to the limit, is well positioned to prosper in a downturn.

According to Guggenheim analyst John Heinbockel, "DLTR's higher income demographic gives some protection, and both brands should gain from (customers') trading down while any improvement in labor market tightness would boost the (profit and loss). His price estimate of $185 per share is above the consensus, and he kept his buy recommendation on Dollar Tree stock.

Vehicle Nation Stock

According to MarketSmith analysis, AN stock is currently in a consolidation pattern that dates back nine months, with an official buy price of 133.58. However, investors ought to likely concentrate on early entries around 125–126. Although it has moved significantly on the daily chart, it behaves more predictably on the weekly chart.

Recent sessions have seen a sideways movement in the relative strength line. If prices rise sharply, the stock may surpass its entry. An IBD Composite Rating of 92 reflects the business's overall strong performance. Its strongest suit is earnings, with EPS surging by an average of 93% over the last three quarters.

More than 300 sites belong to AutoNation, which is located on the IBD 50. Along with a business sector for auto parts and services, it offers both new and used cars. AutoNation, Group 1 Automotive (GPI), and Penske (PAG), along with others, have benefited from the car shortages, generating significant profits through the first half of 2022.

Due to favorable industry dynamics, auto retail stocks have also been experiencing rapid growth. As pandemic disruptions continue, demand for vehicles remains significantly higher than supply.

Although car retail stocks experienced robust earnings growth, they largely underperformed the market in early 2021 and early 2022. While the S&P 500 fell nearly 20% between April 1 and mid-June, the industry began to improve in April, holding relatively steady.

AutoNation's earnings increased 34% year over year, breaking a five-quarter trend of triple-digit growth but exceeding expectations. Sales decreased 2% to $6.87 billion, barely meeting expectations.

The recently announced expansion of AN's used car industry. Used car revenue grew 13% in the second quarter, despite AN reporting a 14% fall in new vehicle revenue. The price of old cars may be hampered by the weakening economy and the projected increase in new automobile manufacturing.

The business will soon establish its tenth AutoNation USA location, which will largely deal in used cars. By the end of 2026, the business hopes to have more than 130 AutoNation USA locations open.

Exxon Shares

Investing in Exxon Mobil stock is a good idea as well. According to MarketSmith research, it has just reclaimed the 50-day moving average and topped an aggressive early entry around 93.24. Additionally, a cup base entry of 105.67 is getting closer. Additionally, the relative strength line is close to new highs, which is a positive development.

The Composite Rating for the XOM stock is almost flawless at 97. With the stock up 49% since the year's beginning, stock market performance has become more positive. A bullish outlook on Exxon Mobil shares is strengthened by improving earnings performance.

As the West swings away from Russian production, oil prices have risen. Additionally, analysts had predicted that the cost of a barrel of oil would soar to $200. Prices are rising because covid lockdowns in China appear to be relaxing. Strong results and a 3 percent increase in U.S. crude oil futures to about $100 per barrel helped the XOM stock rise on Friday.

The international corporation, with headquarters in Irving, Texas, has a wide range of interests in the petroleum sector. Exploration, production, and marketing of fuels and petrochemicals are just a few of the operations that are carried out. One of the biggest publicly traded businesses in the oil industry is Exxon.

In the second quarter, Exxon Mobil's earnings climbed 276 percent to $4.14 a share. Sales increased by 70% to $115.7 billion. According to the oil major, the strong demand for refined goods, and a limited supply of oil and natural gas were the main factors behind this increase.

At $9.5 billion so far in 2022, CAPEX totaled $4.6 billion in the first quarter. According to the corporation, capital investments are in line with its $21 billion to $24 billion full-year forecast. The company announced a $10 billion buyback program in January and then resumed it.

On April 26, Exxon said that three fresh finds at the site had increased its estimate of the recoverable potential for the Stabroek Block offshore of Guyana to 11 billion oil-equivalent barrels. Prior estimates put the amount at 10 billion barrels.

However, Exxon, like other oil firms, is luring ESG investors by designating money to create fresh business strategies to combat climate change. Exxon has disclosed investments totaling $15 billion in its Low Carbon Solutions division.

Heico Share

Heico swiftly cleared a double bottom entrance of 151.36 after clearing an early trendline entry near 145.73. From the latter entry, it is still in a buy zone.

Strong volume supported Friday's advance above its base purchase target, which is a promising sign. A position on the coveted IBD Leaderboard of top stocks was secured for it thanks to its effective move.

Since June, ascending sessions have seen greater volume than declining ones. This behavior suggests increasing institutional accumulation. However, following gains of 10% in the most recent week and 20% in July, investors may want to wait for Heico stock to drop back or consolidate before opening a position.

Heico has increased by around 10% so far in 2022. The S&P 500 is down over 14 percent in comparison. Earnings are excellent as well. It now has a 99-point EPS Rating of 89. Over the last three quarters, EPS has increased by an average of 27%.

Out of 197 industries, it is the leader of the aerospace group, which is ranked No. 34. On the weekly chart, the RS line for HEI is reaching new highs. Heico is a significant aftermarket provider of parts for producers of commercial aircraft, military aircraft, as well as targeting systems, commercial turbines, and missiles.

As a result, it has a significant stake in both defense and commercial aircraft orders. Morningstar's analysis reveals that Heico "will continue to profit from the commercial aerospace industry's cyclical resurgence. Instead of retiring older aircraft and adding capacity to newer planes, airlines have opted to remove aircraft from storage."

In contrast to the majority of aerospace and defense providers, the corporation is in a unique position. The majority of companies incur high expenditures for research and development, which they are able to offset by controlling the market for both the product and its aftermarket.

Heico develops intricate spare parts through reverse engineering, obtains regulatory approval to market them, and then offers them for sale at a lower price than original equipment manufacturers.

Wholesale Stock at BJ's

As it trades close to a fresh entry, BJ's Wholesale stock is moving higher while riding its 21-day line. With a 71.10 buy point, it has formed a double bottom base and briefly climbed over it.

On its weekly chart, even if its RS line suffered last week, it is still holding close to highs. Its Composite Rating of 97 reflects exceptional all-around performance. Its greatest asset is earnings. Nevertheless, in terms of stock price performance over the previous 12 months, it is in the top 6 percent of stocks.

Big Money also considers it to be a strong favorite. In total, funds currently hold 68 percent of the stock. Five members of the IBD Mutual Fund Index presently own it. BJ's had a successful start to the year, reaching 6.5 million members. The warehouse store that accepts only members reported a 20% increase in first-quarter earnings to 87 cents per share. Revenue increased by 16.3% to $4.39 billion.

To compete in the trend toward online sales, the corporation has tried to increase its e-commerce products. These investments are beginning to yield results. The first quarter saw a 26 percent increase in BJ's digital sales. Food and gasoline, which BJ's also offers, are not anticipated to experience losses despite consumer spending cuts in other sectors.

According to CEO Bob Eddy, "In the current inflationary environment, our business model is more important than ever." "We also kept advancing the revolutionary advances we had made during the previous two years."

Since the second quarter of 2018, BJ's has outperformed quarterly profits forecasts, with a two-year average surprise of 20.8 percent. Five consecutive quarters of revenue growth have been reported by the company, and Wall Street anticipates that trend to continue when BJ's releases its earnings in August. Analysts forecast earnings of 77 cents per share on $4.58 billion in revenue for the following quarter.

The Retail-Discount & Variety Industry Group's BJ stock now occupies the top spot. Despite group rival Walmart reducing its full-year guidance by 11 to 13 percent last week, a move that hurt retail sector equities, it has maintained its strength.

According to the big-box retailer, consumers are changing their spending to account for rising food prices as they feel the effects of inflation. Walmart is lowering prices to free up shelf space as it anticipates fewer general merchandise sales for the year.

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